The Accented Alexandrite Stud Earrings are a luxurious addition to any collection. With the Alexandrite stone surrounded by smaller Diamonds in various sizes, this earring is very elegant. With a sunburst shape, this silhouette is a classic

The Accented Diamond Line Bracelet is a delicate classic jewelry item that will never go out of style. The thin silhouette is encrusted in small diamonds and is a perfect layering piece to any of your other favorite bracelets. 

The Bouquet 3-Prong Stud Earrings are a luxurious addition to any collection. The round shape is both elegant and feminine.

The Bypass Ring from the Showcase collection features an elegant design for any age. This ring is available in different qualities and can come set or unset with your stone of choice. There are 15 available diamond mounts and can each be customized for a

These contemporary Circle Dangle Earrings are sure to add flair to any outfit. The geometric shape is both edgy and feminine. Two interlocking circular parts create a unique shaped stud earring. 

The Criss Cross Bangle Bracelet from Loghman Jewelers Showcase is a fluid design using mix metals. White and yellow gold create a "criss cross" design on this elegant bangle. The white gold is adorned with small diamonds and gives this piece just enough

The Diamond Circle Necklace has a twisted circle pendant encrusted with diamonds. The circle hangs from the top on two sides creating more width. The small shape is perfect for everyday wear and looks great as a layering piece. 

The Diamond Hinged Cuff Bracelet form Loghman Jewelers is a delicate bit of sparkle to a classic shaped silhouette. With three small diamonds that sit at the end of each cuff side 

The Diamond Hoop Earrings are a classic jewelry piece. These earrings match with any style and occasion making them perfect for everyday wear.  With a post/clutch closure this smaller hoop is 19.15mm long. Gracefully cupping the earlobe and a flair

The Diamond Knot Necklace has a unique shape that draws attention to the center stone.  Simple yet elegant this necklace can be styled up or down. The interesting shape gives the piece depth and creates weight. Purchase our stone configuration

The Five-Stone Bezel Ring is adorned by Topaz stones and F+ Precious Diamonds. The two stones compliment each other in a playful manner. This ring is great for any occasion and can be worn stacked or on its own. Purchase our stone configuration or visit

The Flower Stud Earrings are a delicate jewelry piece that stands out with its simple, yet bold shape. Small in size these studs radiate for a timeless appearance. A transitional pair of earrings, these go for any occasion. A perfect look for any style

The Geometric Ear Threader Earrings are a stylish and elegant piece of jewelry. The delicate gold circles encrusted with small diamonds hanging from the thin chain that threads through your ear. A dangle earring in shape this is a perfect transitional

The Halo-Style Dangle Earring is a sophisticated piece with a timeless presentation. The halo-style placement gives this set a rich and exquisite appearance. Covered in diamonds these earrings are an elegant choice for any style. Purchase our stone

The Hinged Bangle Bracelet from the Loghman Jewelers Collection is an accent piece that can be dressed up or down. With the simplicity of a bangle but the stylish front face this is an easy piece to fit with any style. 

The Hoop Chain Earrings are a unique shape to a trendy silhouette. The small diamond hoop has a thin, elegant chain that dangles from its base with a thin diamond covered plate. Though small in size this earring is not hard to miss. 

These Inside/Outside Hoop Earrings are not your ordinary diamond studded hoop. This pair has diamonds covering the inside and outside of the silhouette creating a 3D sparkling effect! The hoop size is 26.5mm and 1 CTW. These are a unique twist on a

These fun Multi-Color Stone Bar Earrings are both stylish and elegant. The bar shape transitions them from a day piece to a dramatic night look. These studs have 4 contrasting stones with the Sapphire leading the way and more light colored accents to

The Negative Space Ring features two divided bands which are connected by a longer shaped stone. The top band has many smaller shaped prongs and creates an elegant crowned appearance. The primary stone shape is a straight baguette and each stone can be

The Oval Diamond Pendant sparkles with a truly authentic and luxurious essence. It accentuates every gown, dress, and memorable evening. 

The Sapphire Diamond Line Bracelet is fully covered with diamonds and sapphires throughout the silhouette. Thin and elegant this bracelet is a statement piece in itself. Configured on white gold, the sapphire and diamonds give an elegant appeal to this

The Scattered Stone Ring has a single band with a clustered design of prongs to fit your favorite stones. A unique stone placement design for any age and any occasion. Thick band and diamonds in a "piled" style. The scattered ring can be customized with

The Semi-Set Bypass Ring is the perfect silhouette to accent a beautiful stone. This powerful Emerald is 5mm in size and is Diamond Cut in shape. It is supported by a half band row of diamond and sits on the other side of the band creating a bypass

The Solitaire Pendant Necklace comes set with our configuration of stone size. This pendant is stunning and classic with a singular stone. This timeless necklace is a perfect gift for any age and is elegant enough to be worn alone or