Jewelry Rings

The Bypass Ring from the Showcase collection features an elegant design for any age. This ring is available in different qualities and can come set or unset with your stone of choice. There are 15 available diamond mounts and can each be customized for a

The Five-Stone Bezel Ring is adorned by Topaz stones and F+ Precious Diamonds. The two stones compliment each other in a playful manner. This ring is great for any occasion and can be worn stacked or on its own. Purchase our stone configuration or visit

The Negative Space Ring features two divided bands which are connected by a longer shaped stone. The top band has many smaller shaped prongs and creates an elegant crowned appearance. The primary stone shape is a straight baguette and each stone can be

The Scattered Stone Ring has a single band with a clustered design of prongs to fit your favorite stones. A unique stone placement design for any age and any occasion. Thick band and diamonds in a "piled" style. The scattered ring can be customized with

The Semi-Set Bypass Ring is the perfect silhouette to accent a beautiful stone. This powerful Emerald is 5mm in size and is Diamond Cut in shape. It is supported by a half band row of diamond and sits on the other side of the band creating a bypass

This Stackable Geometric Ring has an exquisite design of geometric shaped stones. An elegant yet modern ring that can be worn alone or paired above or beneath another stackable selection. Each stone prong is a different shape creating an interesting

The Stackable Ring is a classic shaped ring with symmetrical stone placement around the body. The band is thin and perfect for stacking above or beneath another ring. Its smooth shape looks elegant on its own and can be a sparkly addition a plain band.

The Stacked Stone Ring is a diamond lovers dream. Though the prongs can be set with any stone, this stackable ring looks incredible packed with diamonds. Three stacked bands with negative space in between each layer has a different design of stone prongs

This stunning Three-Stone Anniversary Ring is designed to accent the diamonds clarity with deep colored Garnet stones hugging it on each side. This diamond is a Red Box Diamonds VVS2 J grade diamond and the brilliance of it truly shows. The design is

The Three-Stoned Bypass Ring has a eye-catching silhouette and three circular stone mounts. The asymmetrical stone placement gives the ring more shape and a unique style. The 1 band is separated and overlaps in structure with the stones connecting them.